Timber is considered a classic German export success. Transport to other countries is difficult. From loading the bulky material to delivery to the customer, there can be many problems that can delay and prevent delivery. This starts with selecting the right transport vehicle and goes from loading to correct load security to safely transport the goods to the destination. As soon as you want to export your timber to other countries, sea freight transport is the cheapest for you! We load the timber into containers and deliver it to the port.


Depending on the amount and dimensions of the load, we use different vehicles to bring the timber to you. For the transport, trailers or long timber trucks are used for long timber transports and short timber trucks are used for short timber transports. Besides, a crane and saw can be attached to the truck to cut and load timber.

Long timber transport with crane
Timber transport with machine
Long timber transport with semi trailer

Timber transport by professionals!

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